Why We Rebranded as N1 Health

By Seth Henry, CEO of N1 Health

Our team made the decision to rename our company. In the short-term this involves quite a bit of non-customer facing work, which goes against our culture of aligning our team and work directly with customer outcomes that provide better care, better access and better experience to patients/members. However, in this case, we felt that the name change was important to clarify our mission in the marketplace and thereby help our current and future customers continue to innovate, evolve, and optimize the way they engage members in providing health care.

The founding vision of the company was the idea that the health care ecosystem would benefit from using modern AI methods, big data and agile practices to understand patients/members and predict how they wanted to engage and receive care. We believed that this would lead to more proactive and pre-emptive services being delivered more efficiently. This was a speculative venture, at the time, based primarily in the proven use cases for “digital” tech in other industries. Thankfully, we were able to find visionary, early adopter customers/partners who shared our vision and we were able to test theory in the “real world.” 

What we have learned working with our customers is that individual people, households and communities/neighborhoods will interact with the health care system in very different ways.  Today, we use more than 2500 data elements across our AI model library to generate predictions around how members will engage with the health system to receive care. The results are compelling. We are able to raise the engagement rate for unengaged members by an order of magnitude over non-predictive approaches. Once members are engaged, we see significant moves in core measures of quality. Primary care adherence increases, ED usage decreases and engagement persists. 

We did not know when we set out on this venture just how powerful social predictions would be in improving the way members interact with the health system. Our original name, Algorex Health technologies, was based on our confidence that AI algorithms would have great value to the health care system. While we still believe this to be true, it is quite broad, and we believe that what is unique and special is the application of this technology is to meet individual members on their own terms providing better care. Or said another way, delivering care for a population of 1, or an N of 1. In discussions with key partners who have been executing this vision with us, and expanding the applications rapidly into their organizations, we agreed that this new name would be more effective in explaining and expanding the benefits of this approach to providing better care.

We at N1 Health are extremely grateful to all the customers, partners and advisors who made this possible and look forward to continuing the journey.