We combine our customer’s data with detailed consumer data, predictive models, and cloud native technologies to create a holistic picture of every individual to generate meaningful predictions that enable precision in your outreach and interventions.

Our expert Customer Experience team, forward-deployed data scientists, and forward-deployed engineers partner closely with customers to transform these predictions into actions that improve health outcomes and drive financial performance.

Better data and models lead to better insights and interventions

Our applied AI platform uses customer data and consumer data from a 30+ sources, providing 2,500+ predictive insights per person to power our pre-built predictive models based on 3.7 million closed loop interventions from our last 5+ years of deploying real programs. Our purpose-built Model Index predicts outcomes, increases engagement and lower costs, and it enables us to provide a more complete view of what is really affecting each of your members’ lives today. So, you can target your outreach efforts and interventions with precision, making every interaction count, improving individual and population health outcomes, and driving your organization’s financial performance. We already have foundational data that includes thousands of attributes and insights on 280M+ of your adult members loaded into our platform – today, so you can start a trial program with us now and realize results in as fast as 30 days.

Transforming predictions into actions

Our partnership with you is powered by more than our advanced AI platform, data, and models. Our forward-deployed, expert Data Science and Customer Experience Teams, combines with leading cloud-native technologies such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), to apply proven delivery methods to help you gain the greatest value from working in lockstep with N1 Health. We have the playbook in-hand and extensive experience to operationalize predictions into actions, and we ensure the speed-to-success of your programs and initiatives. We maximize interventions to quickly improve the results of your business processes.

Driving measurable results

Our applied AI platform will move the needle on a range of your key performance indicators—from member engagement and enrollment to utilization and star ratings—across a variety of use cases that can make an immediate impact on your members’ lives, and your bottom line. We can share significant, measurable improvements in both outcomes and financial performance for leading health plans and provider organizations nationwide. We help customers maximize the value realized from our applied AI platform by taking an iterative approach to helping to surface individual- and population-level predictions to drive decision-making and action.

Start today, achieve results quickly

N1 Health’s AI platform, datasets and models can deliver predictive insights that drive business results in days, not months or years.