N1 Health combines your data with our curated consumer data from 30+ sources. We run this data through our models to create population-level analysis as well as member-level profiles that capture clinical and non-clinical attributes and insights for everyone – based on both past utilization and engagement as well as predicted future needs and behaviors.


We then deliver member target lists (e.g., flat file exchange or integration) to you to action across our use cases. One of our top goals is to help you to expand the pool of members you should target, as well as improve the rate of successfully engaging with them. N1 Health provides you with:

  • Recommended “social content hooks” to help tailor individual messaging and outreach based on what social risk factors are highest priority to an individual member.’
  • Enhanced contact information to supplement the contact information you have available for everyone.
  • Prioritize member target lists so you can maximize your outreach resources to those individuals most likely to engage (especially through the higher cost engagement and acquisition channels).

Evaluation and iteration

We work with you to track outcomes data from these outreaches so that we can continuously tune the models for your population while optimizing process and outcomes.