Tapping the power of
predictive data

One of our customers told us, “We thought we knew our members. It became clear, quickly, that we didn’t know anything.”

The N1 Health approach to AI goes beyond clinical and claims data, curating and tapping into a wealth of consumer and social data from diverse sources to create a holistic profile of each member. Using our pre-trained models and industry-leading cloud technologies, our platform accurately predicts the best outreach or intervention for everyone, so you can positively impact their health.

N1 Health creates a holistic profile for each person, analyzing both “visible” and “invisible” factors that impact health and engagement.

Member targeting and identification

Identify additional members to target for outreach based on their non-clinical factors.


Proprietary risk models uncover individual member needs which allow for targeted outreach and messaging.

Enhanced member engagement

Engagement is earned with targeted, help-first outreach that optimizes member communication preferences and likelihood to engage, thereby optimizing staff resources.

Start today, achieve results quickly

N1 Health’s AI platform, datasets and models can deliver predictive insights that drive business results in days, not months or years.