RISE West 2022

August 31 – September 2, 2022

InterContinental Downtown, Los Angeles, CA

All attendees are invited to join N1 Health for an interactive roundtable presentation titled “How to Drive Your Member Engagement with AI.”


Jacob Luria, Co-founder and President of N1 Health


Thursday, September 1 from 5:20 – 6:20 p.m. local 


The N1 Health AI platform predicts the right interventions for each individual member to drive better health outcomes and business results. 

Starting with a holistic profile for each member using consumer data and proven predictive models, the N1 Health Platform drives increased performance across key programs including care management engagement, care gap closure, and accurate risk adjustment capture.  

Join our educational session at RISE West to learn how consumer data and AI can engage every one of your members to: 

  • Get the right members into your program engagement funnels  
    • We have 2500+ insights from 30+ sources for every individual member you serve today 
    • We have an extensive library of predictive models built on 18M patient encounters and trained on 4M closed-loop outcomes 
  • Develop high-performing engagement programs that transform predictions into actions at scale 
    • We identify your most in-need members, their channel and language preferences, and recommend our “next best actions” 
    • We use the most compelling social “hooks” you have to connect with your members (food, transportation, etc.) 
    • We intervene to get them into AWVs with their PCPs 
    • You better chart and code them, routinely, from day one and beyond 
  • Drive outcomes and results – within weeks – for each one of your members 
    • We have case studies to prove it 
    • We offer no-cost, no-obligation trial programs 
    • You don’t have to install or maintain any software 
    • You can start now 

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