N1 Health’s AI platform paves the way in driving measurable business results for healthcare organizations in updated KLAS rating

N1 Health is pleased to announce that its AI platform has been awarded an overall score of 93.1 out of 100 in the Healthcare Artificial Intelligence: Data Science Solutions report published by the leading healthcare research firm, KLAS Research. Formerly known as Algorex Health Technologies prior to rebranding as N1 Health in August 2022, N1 Health generates member and patient-level predictions that drive engagement, resulting in improved outcomes on its mission to promote “better health for every one.”

Previously, Algorex Health had received an overall score of 93.3 out of 100 in the 2020 KLAS Emerging Technology Spotlight Report titled Identifying and Providing Insights on SDOH Opportunities Through Data Science. This updated rating in the AI category this year solidifies the N1 Health AI platform as an innovative frontrunner in its ability to drive measurable business results for healthcare organizations.

KLAS Research seeks to improve healthcare by amplifying the voice of healthcare professionals to further improve vendor performance. The KLAS report provides detailed feedback from N1 Health customers about how satisfied they are with the N1 Health AI platform and the partnership to date. When asked about the N1 Health AI platform, 100% of N1 Health customers attested that they would buy again, with 100% of customers reporting being “satisfied” or “highly satisfied” with the product. By leveraging the N1 Health AI platform, customers can move the needle on a significant number of key performance indicators across many use cases to drive outcomes on the health of members and patients while seeing a positive ROI.

Customer testimonials speak to N1 Health’s ability to help them think more strategically on how to identify, target, and fine-tune the methods they are already using to drive revenue and improve outcomes. “There is a large amount of revenue that we can attribute directly to N1 Health because they helped engage people we probably would not have been able to engage on our own,” states the Vice President of one of the organizations surveyed by KLAS. “This product helped us fine-tune the engagement pitch we would give the patient in order to keep patients engaged with us.” Customers also considered client relationships to be one of N1 Health’s key strengths; 100% of customers see the N1 Health AI platform being part of their long-term plan, using words such as “proactive,” and “supportive” to describe the team.

With an overall score of 93.1 out of 100 compared to an average of 80.4 across KLAS-recognized software products in the 2022 KLAS AI platform report, N1 Health aims to continue to revolutionize the way we use AI to make predictions that lead to improved health outcomes for members and increased revenue for customers. “We attribute this KLAS score to our amazing customers who have worked hard through the COVID pandemic to use N1 Health’s member-level predictions to engage members in getting better care for themselves and their families.  We look forward to continuing this journey together and having bigger and stronger impacts across the populations they serve.”

About N1 Health

N1 Health is the applied AI platform that drives measurable business results for healthcare organizations. We combine detailed consumer data, predictive models, and cloud-native technology to create a holistic picture of every individual to generate meaningful predictions that enable precision in your outreach and interventions. Our experienced Data Science and Customer Experience Teams transform these predictions into actions that improve your members’ and patients’ health outcomes and drive your financial performance. We get you   the results that matter, fast – better health for every one. To learn more, please visit www.n1health.com.

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