Boston, MA, March 13th, 2023- N1 Health, the AI healthcare analytics company, today announced it has achieved HITRUST CSF® certification for its applied AI platform. Formerly known as Algorex Health Technologies before rebranding as N1 Health in August 2022, N1 Health generates member and patient-level predictions that drive engagement, resulting in improved outcomes on its mission to promote “better health for every one.”

The certification highlights N1 Health’s security standards on healthcare data as obtaining a HITRUST Certification demonstrates that an organization has implemented rigorous controls to protect sensitive information. N1 Health’s CEO Seth Henry said: ‘At N1 Health we never want our business partners to have to choose between improving outcomes or protecting their data. HITRUST certification is the gold standard that assures that we can do both.’

HITRUST CSF Certification is a security framework companies use to manage compliance. It integrates, harmonizes, and cross-references globally recognized standards and business requirements including HIPAA, PCI, NIST, ISO, and state laws for comprehensive security controls. HITRUST provides both prescriptive requirements and a flexible framework that evolves alongside changing industry conditions.

HITRUST CSF is the industry-wide standard required by healthcare providers and insurance plans. This achievement puts N1 Health at the forefront of compliance for cloud-based artificial intelligence analytics solutions. N1 Health’s customers can confidently harness their structured and unstructured data to surface patient insights, better measure risk, and quality, and improve care management while knowing their valuable information is safe and secure.

About N1 Health

N1 Health is the applied AI platform that drives measurable business results for healthcare organizations. We combine detailed consumer data, predictive models, and cloud-native technology to create a holistic picture of every individual to generate meaningful predictions that enable precision in your outreach and interventions. Our experienced Data Science and Customer Experience Teams transform these predictions into actions that improve your members’ and patients’ health outcomes and drive your financial performance. We get you the results that matter, fast – better health for every one. To learn more, please visit www.n1health.com.

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