Algorex Health Rebrands to N1 Health to Reflect its Impact on the Health Outcomes of Individual Members and Patients, Results for Payers and Providers Through AI

N1 Health’s Applied AI Platform Helps Healthcare Organizations to Predict the Right Individuals to Engage with the Right Interventions and Answer the Most Strategic Questions

BOSTON – August 24, 2022 – Algorex Health today announced that it has rebranded to N1 Health (, the applied AI platform that drives measurable business results for healthcare organizations. The new name aligns with the company’s mission and vision to combine its data, models, and Data Science and Customer Experience Teams to generate member- and patient-level predictions that drive engagement and improved outcomes for every individual that a healthcare organization serves.

“We are excited to announce that Algorex Health has rebranded to N1 Health,” said Seth Henry, CEO of N1 Health. “We have been partnering with our valued customers for as many as five years now, and we are very proud of what we have achieved together on our journey. What we have learned is that AI is capable of making incredibly precise and personalized predictions to surface patients’ needs and how we can best resolve those needs. Therefore, we decided to change the name to be more aligned with this capability – serving an N of 1. Better health for every one.”

“N1 Health delivers the capabilities for our customers to create a holistic picture of every individual in their populations,” said Jacob Luria, Co-founder and President of N1 Health. “With this precision, our teams transform these predictions into actions that improve member and patient health outcomes, reduce risks and costs, and drive our customer’s financial performance all while meeting patients and members where they are.”

N1 Health is Now Ranked and Rated by KLAS

N1 Health is also pleased to announce that KLAS Research, a leading healthcare research firm, recently interviewed a number of current N1 Health customers and has awarded the company with a 90-plus point score out of 100 in its latest AI Platform report. Previously, as Algorex Health, the company received an overall score of 93.3 in a KLAS Spotlight Report titled “Identifying and Providing Insights on SDoH Opportunities Through Data Science.” At that time, 100% of the customers that KLAS spoke with stated that Algorex Health exceeded their expectations when it came to partnership, and 100% of customers also stated that they would purchase Algorex Health services again. KLAS’ research directly reflects the voice of healthcare professionals and acts as a catalyst for improving vendor performance.

“We partnered with N1 Health to use AI to predict the individual needs of our patients resulting in a significant increase in engagement that ultimately led to better access and care,” said Andrew Sorenson, Chief Analytics Officer of Castell, an Intermountain Healthcare Company focused on leading the transition of the healthcare industry into value-based care with proven clinical services and workflow integrated analytics products that improve patient outcomes and reduce costs. “Together, with N1 Health, we were able to make a real impact on our patient population.”

Better Data and Models Lead to Better Insights and Interventions

The N1 Health applied AI platform uses consumer, public, and industry data from 30+ sources, providing 2,500+ attributes per person to power proven predictive models based on 3.7 million closed-loop interventions of real-world programs. Our models predict outcomes, increase engagement, lower costs, and enable us to provide a more complete view of what is really affecting each one of our customer’s members and patients today. Our customers precisely target outreach efforts and interventions, making every interaction count, improving individual outcomes, and driving both operational and financial performance. Today, N1 Health is built on thousands of individual insights on over 280M+ adult members/patients across the U.S. that re pre-loaded into our platform, allowing prospects and customers to start a complimentary trial program with us now and realize actual results in as fast as 30 days.

Transforming Predictions into Actions

Our partnerships with our customers are powered by more than our advanced AI platform, data, and models. Our forward-deployed Customer Experience team, composed of data science and operations experts, combined with cutting-edge cloud-native technologies from leading vendors across the data and AI industry, apply proven delivery methods to help our customer’s gain the greatest value from working in lockstep with N1 Health. We have the playbook in-hand and extensive experience to operationalize predictions into actions, and we ensure the speed-to-success of our customer’s programs and initiatives.

Driving Measurable Results

The N1 Health AI platform moves the needle on a wide range of our customer’s key performance indicators—from member engagement and enrollment to utilization and star ratings—across a variety of use cases that can make an immediate impact on individual member and patient lives, and our customer’s bottom line. We have customer case studies that show significant, measurable improvements in both outcomes and financial performance for leading health plans and provider organizations nationwide.

Our Use Cases

Our applied AI platform ensures models are tied to critical business use cases, not black box analytical exercises. By creating a holistic profile for each member or patient using non-clinical data and our proven predictive models, we can drive performance for key programs and initiatives including these top supported use cases, and more:

  • Member engagement
    • Clinical documentation management
    • CAHPS performance improvement
    • Care management engagement
    • Closing gaps in care
    • Membership growth
    • Churn avoidance
    • Member retention and transition
    • Social determinants of health (SDOH) program enrollment
    • Health equity performance modeling (e.g., Health Equity Summary Statistic [HESS])

To learn more about N1 Health or start a conversation with us today, contact us at

About N1 Health

N1 Health is the applied AI platform that drives measurable business results for healthcare organizations. We combine detailed consumer data, predictive models, and cloud-native technology to create a holistic picture of every individual to generate meaningful predictions that enable precision in your outreach and interventions. Our experienced Data Science and Customer Experience Teams transform these predictions into actions that improve your members’ and patients’ health outcomes and drive your financial performance. We get you   the results that matter, fast – better health for every one. To learn more, please visit

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